Practical help

Support at the GBS

People are at the heart of everything we do at the GBS – everywhere and always. We believe it is important for our apprentices and students to feel at home with us if they are to achieve success in their training. We have over 600 members of staff working day in and day out to make sure this is the case.

Our core business is the provision of technically competent and didactically well-thought-out teaching. is is why we have mentors on hand to introduce new members of the educational staff into their teaching practice, and experienced teachers are available to provide practice-based advice as needed.

Should any questions or difficulties arise, apprentices and students can benefit from the free and confidential advice provided by the professional advisory team at the ecclesiastical social welfare service (KSD). In addition, our administration staff, information technology support staff, domestic services staff and the GBS Resto, which can also be booked for external events, all help to create a pleasant place to work and learn.


GBS St.Gallen is located at several places in the city of St.Gallen.

International Office


Karin Haltner

Head of International Administration Office

T +41 58 228 26 36

Daniel Kehl


T +41 58 228 26 03