Kanton St.Gallen – Gewerbliches Beruf- und Weiterbildungszentrum St.Gallen

Vocational Education

Basic training

4600 students from 15 cantons of Switzerland and from the Principality of Liechtenstein attend lessons each week in one of our five departments: Building, Services, Design, Technology and Federal Vocational Baccalaureate. Alongside vocational training, general education and sports, we also offer a comprehensive selection of optional courses for talent development comprising vocational aspects, performance enhancement, foreign languages and much more. We form part of an international network, work in a project-based approach and maintain regular exchange with partner schools from Finland to Portugal and from Reykjavík to Moscow.



Education Building professions

Whether erecting a wall, planning a heating system or carrying out a structural analysis – we train specialists who more than meet the demands of the construction industry of tomorrow. Specialist expertise, independence, networked thinking and the ability to work in a team are some of the key competencies required. Our teachers are equipped with the necessary specialist knowledge from their own practical experience to help students obtain these skills.



Technical Profession

From control systems to automation, from power distribution to home cinema and from structural formula to pharmaceutical products: today's young people with an interest in technology become the technology experts of tomorrow. The challenge is to keep pace with the rapid developments if we are to use them to our advantage, which is why we ensure to maintain a forward-looking team of experts with long-standing professional and educational experience.



School of Design / Basic Training

Opening eyes, practising craftsmanship, sharpening perception and acquiring skills – the school for design offers all this and more. The school of design is the most important and longest-established educational establishment in eastern Switzerland for training in analogue and digital visual communication and artistic design. It stands for creativity, a love of experimentation and visionary thinking, attributes that apply both to the dual basic training and to the school’s two training workshops.

Training workshops



Service Professions

Whether styling or consulting, gourmet or culinary delight, creativity or professional service: with a well-rounded understanding of service and considerable manual skill, we guide our students in their development from theory to practice. Our teachers are involved in a wide range of practice-based projects and can be seen regularly together with their classes appearing on various stages.


Federal vocational baccalaureate

Whether in parallel with or following an apprenticeship – a federal vocational baccalaureate opens many doors. 700 young adults successfully complete their federal vocational baccalaureate at the GBS every year. The federal vocational baccalaureate is a self-contained and challenging educational qualification that combines the benefits of practice-based training with a broad general education, improves career prospects and facilitates access to universities of applied science.


  • Technik, Architektur, Life Sciences
  • Gesundheit und Soziales
  • Gestaltung und Kunst
  • Wirtschaft und Dienstleistungen