Kanton St.Gallen – Gewerbliches Beruf- und Weiterbildungszentrum St.Gallen
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A portrait of GBS St.Gallen

Dual vocational training plays an important role in Switzerland. As a major education centre in eastern Switzerland, the St.Gallen Centre of Vocational Education and Training (GBS) is committed to first-class quality. Over 6000 students are taught each week in around 70 different educations. The demands of the employment market are increasing constantly. Those hoping to achieve success will need to be in a position to other extensive specialist knowledge and the associated skills. The spectrum of training options we offer is accordingly broad and diverse, ranging from courses lasting several days to federally recognised programmes at higher technical college level.

History and values

Established in 1860 as a drawing school, the GBS is an educational establishment with a long-standing tradition that has adapted to the evolving needs of the economy and kept pace with the times. We put heart and soul into nurturing young professionals and providing them with an ideal start to their career.

People are at the heart of everything we do – trust, openness, honesty and respect form the basis of our approach. Education is our core competence – and it is what drives us on a daily basis. Success is the result of good cooperation with clear objectives – we challenge and nurture our students along this path.

The education system in Switzerland